Email is by far the best way to contact us. General enquiries (NOT submissions) can be sent to info { @ }

If you are a writer wishing to send publishable work for consideration, please ignore everything on this page and follow the route noted in our submissions section.

We do hang out in the usual social media places. Twitter, Facebook and so on. Feel free to drop by and say hello. We are unlikely to engage in lengthy lunch-hour conversations or offer you a publishing deal via tweet, but you never know.

Our Twitter handle is the astoundingly obvious @compellingbooks and on Facebook we can be liked under the moniker CompellingBooks. YouTube, Pinterest and other delights coming soon.

You are extreeeeeeeeemely unlikely to need our mailing address, but in direst need you can send cake parcels to:

Compelling Ideas Ltd
Basepoint Business Centre
RH11 7XX
United Kingdom